Buckingham Palace had better bow down, there’s a far more welcoming palace waiting for you right outside of town. Only an hour away from London, there’s definitely worst ways to spend a sunny Sunday than chilling in a jacuzzi, bubbles in hand, gazing over 65 acres of parkland. 🍃

“Buckinghamshire Palace” at Danesfield House Hotel & Spa:

Classic double room + pool access + jacuzzi access + sauna & steam room access + gym access + english breakfast – up to 30% off –


12.30pm: Meander through Marlow 

London will feel far, so far away when you roll up to the quaint town of Marlow. Start at Satollo, a cute coffee shop right by the historic town centre, then saunter through the fancy boutique shops and go for a long stroll down the Thames. Tip your flat cap to the ducks and feel that fresh air fill your lungs. 🦆


3pm – Say hello to your not-so-humble abode 

Make your grand entrance cruising down the conifer-lined pathway of this breathtaking 75 bedroom mansion, built well over a hundred years ago. A lovely butler will be waiting for you at reception with two glasses of bubbles and the finest line in the land “May I escort you up to your room?”. Why yes you can. 😍


3.30pm Go for a wonderful wandering walk 

Tie up your walking boots and go discover your newfound kingdom: 65 acres of rolling parklands, natural fountains and luscious green gardens groomed for the gods. Chuck a penny in the koy pond for good luck and go frolic in the flowers – if they’re nice enough for the Clooney’s post-wedding reception, then they’re just right for you two. 💐


5pm – Soothe your soul with a steam, a swim and a spa 

Saunter across the glass bridge to the luxurious spa, a wondrous world of wellness and wellbeing with a jacuzzi, a steam room, a sauna and a 20ft pool shimmering softly in anticipation for the two of you. 🐬


6pm – Have a tipple on the terrace 

After all that simmering heat you’ll be needing a refreshing pick-me up. Pick it up on the terrace overlooking the grand gardens, and indulge in a short game of Scrabble – or two, or three, if a rematch is in order. 😏


8pm – Fill your belly at a Michelin star pub 

We can put our hand on our heart and say the Hand and Flowers is the best Sunday roast in the area. Founded by Tom Kerridge of Masterchef fame, it’s the only pub in the UK with two Michelin stars, it’s warm, it’s cosy and it’s bloody delicious. 🍝


9am – Break bread in the morning with a breakfast banquet 

Wake up slowly as the birds start to sing and the sun starts peering in. Once you’ve had a good stretch, pop downstairs to the Orangery for breakfast: a cold buffet of fruits, yoghurt, muesli and cereal is there to keep you going while your Full-English is being prepped. The best way to start your day: full to the brim. 🥐


11am – Spoil yourselves with one last swim for the road 

Why spa once when you can spa twice? Let any lingering strains and stresses wash off in the water with a few more lengths in the pool and a few more minutes in the hot tub. If only all Mondays felt this mellow. 😍

“Buckinghamshire Palace” at Danesfield House Hotel & Spa: classic double room + pool access + jacuzzi access + sauna & steam room access + gym access + english breakfast – up to 30% off –


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