Living it all the way up for the bank holiday weekend, these two bffs go from rooftop cocktails to a cheeky night out and a cheerful morning yoga class. This is what 24h at The Curtain looks like when you’re with one of your favourite people in life.

Emilia & Charlotte

Describe yourselves in a few words for us.

Emilia: Partners in crime who will amuse and amaze you with their wit and charm.

Charlotte: Two girls who will always be able to eat more than you.


How long ago did you meet?

Emilia: We have been friends for about 5/6 years after meeting on the University cheer team.

Charlotte: I haven’t been able to get rid of her since! 👭


What are your favourite things to do together to have a good time together in London?

Charlotte: We always find ourselves at some kind of weird and wonderful exercise class (usually hungover).

Emilia: Bottomless brunching, exploring new restaurants and sipping rosé on rooftops. 🍹


Who decided to organise this Staycation?

 Emilia: I linked it to Charlotte after seeing a Facebook ad, and the rest is history.


What was the occasion?

Emilia: I had just finished my last accounting exam, and bank holiday fun! Our plans always seem to become more and more elaborate.

Charlotte: The Curtain even gave us the most delicious carrot cake cupcakes and a bottle of bubbles to celebrate – cute or what!? 😍

What did you pack for your Staycation?

Charlotte: NOT a swimsuit, which was a huge error considering the amazing heated rooftop pool (I’ll be back!)

Emilia: Sparkly clothes for Sunday night exploring and yoga clothes for Monday zen. 🧘‍♀️

How it feels to be on a Staycation?


Charlotte: I really did feel like one of those travel bloggers that gets paid to stay in luxury hotels – also, the bed was like a big fluffy cloud and I had the best sleep ever!

What was the plan for your Staycation, from when you checked in to when you checked out?

Emilia: Sip cocktails on the rooftop, eat cheese wheel pasta from Gloria and have a boogie at Shoreditch House. Followed by breakfast on the roof and a yoga class, which was only a 5 min walk away from the hotel.

What was the best part of your Staycation experience?

Emilia: Being so close to everything and not having to worry about travelling anywhere or getting home. Everywhere we went was a 5/10 min walk away.

Charlotte: Which was great because I chose to wear a pair of very uncomfortable shoes!


How was the hotel? 

Emilia: It was great. Fab breakfast, lovely rooftop for some pre-dinner drinks and such a great location for Shoreditch exploring.

Charlotte: I would place sole responsibility on the steam shower in our room – dreamy! 🧖‍♀️

What’s the first thing you said when you entered the building?

Emilia: Probably « loves it! »


What’s the one thing you absolutely must do in the hotel?

Charlotte: The classic ‘falling backwards and getting swallowed by the huge bed’ instagram vid! ahah

A little gem you found which is really worth discovering?

Emilia: The rooftop is so pretty for drinks, especially at sunset. 🌆

Charlotte: Again, the steam shower.

Where did you have dinner?

Charlotte: Gloria Trattoria. We had to wait until 10pm for a table but it was fine because we felt #chilled like we were on holiday… And that cheese wheel pasta is definitely worth waiting for. 🤤

Would you rather go for a walk around the neighbourhood, or stay in the hotel to make the most of the experience?

Emilia: A perfect mix of drinks in the hotel bar and exploring the neighbourhood is the key.


Monday morning: would you rather breakfast in bed or from the buffet?

Emilia: Breakfast in bed is great but being near the buffet is better for seconds!

Charlotte: Also, who wants to miss out on a picturesque rooftop breakfast when it’s sunny?


How was breakfast?

Emilia: Delicious ! Scrambled eggs on point. 🍳

Charlotte: If we were on Four In A Bed they ‘d be getting a 12/10.

Were you late to work on Monday morning because of your Staycation?

Emilia: No because it was a bank holiday wooooo. 🎉

Charlotte: #Tactical


Who in your circle could really use a Staycation right now?

Emilia: Probably everyone.

Charlotte: I concur!


Which other Staycation experience would you like to try out, and why?

Emilia & Charlotte: The Corinthia, because nothing says ‘extra’ more than a thermal floor and a four-storey spa!

‘Pool & the Gang’ at The Curtain

Courtyard room + buffet breakfast + heated outdoor pool + gym access + toiletries Bish Bash Bosh


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